About Founders

Malvika Samnani and Manish Samnani founded SOCH. Malvika is a postgraduate in Occupational Therapy and has experience of 12 years. She has received post professional training in Behaviour Management, “Handwriting Without Tears (HWT®)” Program for learning needs, “PEERS®” program of UCLA for social and emotional needs in children. She also has background in sensory integration and psychology. She is a certified Feeding specialist and Speech Clarity Specialist. Malvika consults SOCH and other centres outside Delhi for program planning of children and adults with special needs or disabilities. She has conducted trainings on various topics in India and Bangladesh.

Manish Samnani is a highly qualified Occupational Therapist who has been practicing now for 18 years with children.
Manish holds a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy (Paediatrics). He is a specialist in Sensory Integration and Neuro Developmental Therapy and has received post professional certifications through University of Southern California and NDTA (USA).

Both Malvika and Manish have an outstanding academic track record and have developed SOCH with transdisciplinary care as the philosophy.