1. SOCH has provided services to more than 1000 children till date from year 2009 and have been instrumental in mainstreaming and ongoing support to such children.

2. SOCH has conducted various trainings for parents and professionals through in house faculties, and other national and international faculties. (Annexure 1).

3. SOCH has association with some international bodies:

A. University of Southern California, USA;

B. Autism Movement Therapy Inc., USA;

C. Neuro Developmental Therapy Association, (NDTA, USA),

D. Adelphi University, New York, USA

E. Icddr,b: international health research institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

4. SOCH is the INDIA coordinator to conduct and organize courses based on University of Southern California curriculum. Till date 10 such courses have been hosted and attended by 250 participants.

5. International faculties from the fields of Behavioural Sciences and Movement Therapy have visited SOCH and offered workshops.

6. SOCH faculty has presented 15 research papers on the work accomplished in national conferences.

7. SOCH has offered outreach training programs to different organizations in Bangalore, Varanasi, Lucknow, Dehradun, Mumbai, Kolkata on treating and handling children with difficulties.

8. SOCH is the only organization in Delhi/ NCR region to have 5 disciplines working in a coordinated manner since last 5 years for children.

9. SOCH has received training from NeuroDevelopmental Therapy Association of USA to treat children with physical disability.

10. For their contribution to the field of special needs and academic excellence, SOCH faculty has been felicitated by Smt Sonia Gandhi, Sh Pranab Mukherjee and VIMHANS hospital, Delhi.

11. SOCH faculties are regularly invited by national bodies to express views on management of children.

12. SOCH has been instrumental in developing therapy services at the following places and is involved with on going mentoring.

a) Children First (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Pvt Ltd), New Delhi.

b) ACE (School for Autism in collaboration with New England Centre for Children, Boston), Gurgaon.

c) Salwan Public School, Gurgaon.

d) Child Development Centre, Max Hospital, Gurgaon.

e) ARUNIMA, a project for Assisted Living Center for Autism, Dehradun.

f) CREATIVE MIND (Child Intervention Centre), Lucknow.

g) SEHER Autism Centre, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

h) FAITH BANGLADESH, Dhaka, Bangladesh

13. Dr Manish Samnani completed Research Paper presentation at European SI Conference, October 2017, Vienna, Austria.

14. SOCH hosted International Autism Conference, Gurgaon 2017 in collaboration with Adelphi University and AMT Inc., USA.

15. Certification Course on Sensory Integration, Course Coordinator for INDIA in collaboration with University of Southern California, June-July 2018 at Gurgaon.

16. Developing systems & processes and capacity building of In-Sync Early Intervention Centre backed by Penna Cements Industries Limited (PCIL) at Hyderabad.

17. Team training and capacity building for centres in Bikaner, Ludhiana, Jallandhar, Kolkata.

18. Team training and capacity building for Listening Ears, 2018.

19. Research Paper presentation at National Conference of AIOTA, Feb 2018, Nagpur.

20. Parent training program in Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 2017.

21. Training program for speech therapists, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 2017.

22. Training program for multiple professionals including therapists, psychologists, Dhaka, Bangaldesh, February, 2017

23. Autism Course by Adelphi University in New Delhi and Dhaka in 2018.

24. National Conference of OT to be held in PGI Chandigarh in 2019.

On Site

1. “Using ABA to manage behaviours and enhance communication”, SOCH, Gurgaon, Smitha Awasthi, Feb 2010.

2. “Orthoses in cerebral palsy- Newer electronic rehabilitation aids”, Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya, Manish Samnani, October, 2010

3. Certification in Autism Movement Therapy, Joanne Lara, August 2012

4. International Training Program on Sensory Integration and Structured Teaching delivered by Manish Samnani, Seher Autism Centre, Chittagong, Bangladesh, Manish Samnani, January 2013

5. Certification in Sensory Integration, University of Southern California, USA (15 days), March 2015

6. Early Intervention in Children with Developmental Difficulties, Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), Gurgaon, Shelley Mulligan, March 2014.

7. Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT), University of Southern California, USA (5 days), March 2014.

8. Parenting and Support Group, Dr Roma Kumar, July 2014

9. Managing ASD with Sensory Integration and Structured Teaching, Seher Autism Centre, Manish Samnani, Bangladesh, November 2014.

10. Parents awareness and understanding special needs, Sunbeam Autism Centre, Varanasi, January 2015,

11. Occupational Therapy Assessment and Intervention, Autism Intervention, Manish Samnani, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, February 2015.

12. Certification in Sensory Integration Intervention, University of Southern California, USA (10 days), March 2015

13. Occupational Therapy and Autism Intervention, Erna Blanche, USC, March 2015.

14. Raahgiri for Special needs, Street Play for awareness, April 2015.

15. Managing Autism Spectrum Disorder by Sensory and other approaches, Gurgaon, Manish samnani, September 2015

16. Hydrotherapy for children with Cerebral Palsy, Corina, December 2015.

17. Train the trainer, Program for multidisciplinary team, February 2016, Manish Samnani, Dakshinya School, Mumbai

18. Reading and Handwriting problems in children with or without special needs, Malvika samnani, Bangladesh, February 2016.

19. Strategies for children at home, Parents Workshop, SOCH, February 2016.

20. Challenging Behavior in children, Manish Samnani, March 2016

21. Team building and training for children with multiple disability, Manish Samnani, Manovikas Kendra, Kolkata, March 2016.

22. Doctors and Parents awareness, Kids Carnival, FORTIS, April 2016.

23. Program Planning for children and adults with Autism, Arunima, Dehradun, June 2016.

24. Program planning and mentoring, Creative Mind, Lucknow, July 2016.

25. Capacity building for therapists and medical professionals at ICDDR, B, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Feb 2017 through Dr Manish Samnani.

26. Capacity building for parents and professionals at ICDDR, B, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Feb 2018 through Dr Malvika Samnani.