Special education is an individualized instruction programme. It provides equal opportunities for each and every child. It was a systematic and planned program. Special education provides flexibility in the educational system. It can be given in a regular classroom with the help of an inclusive and integrated program setup, because special-needs children get an education in special schools and normal schools with the help of inclusive and integrated programs.


1. Children achieve the greatest possible self-sufficiency and success in the present and future environment.

2. Special children are able to do their work independently.

3. Special education provides that every especially needed child has a right to an education programme that is suitable for his/her needs.

4. There are many other laws, memoranda and circulars that have been enacted through the years in support of special education.

5. Special children take education in special schools, but now they can take education in schools also with the help of an inclusive and integrated program setup .

6. Special educators make(IEP) individual educational plans for special-needs children. They can also teach academics with the help of different concepts.

7. A special child received an appropriate and free public education.

8. A child with a learning disability needs a little extra time , care which has been provided in a special education programme that is so important to the health of children’s future education.

What are the goals and purpose of special education ?

– special education makes it ‘special’ for a special child. And he/she achieves at least academic success.

– Disabilities that qualify for types of special education include all types of Physical, Mental and Behavioral Disabilities