Children with feeding and swallowing disorders often present with delays or deficits across multiple areas. Thus, a child narrowly defined as being a “picky eater” or as having “sensory feeding difficulties” often possess oral motor challenges that contribute to their feeding challenges and vice versa. The Feeding Clinic believes that a global approach to feeding and swallowing disorders maximizes progress towards goals. This approach ensures a child’s oral motor and sensory processing skills, ongoing medical conditions, feeding environment, and overall development are properly assessed and considered when creating an individualized treatment plan. The Feeding Clinic offers intensive Feeding Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language therapy services through an interdisciplinary model for over 14 years. Our intensive feeding program takes a global developmental approach in treating feeding challenges following evidence-based practice and current research in feeding and swallowing treatment. Research demonstrates developmental domains including sensory processing, oral motor, gross motor, and fine motor abilities are interrelated (Serel, Demir, Inal, & Karaduman, 2018).