Occupational therapy for children maintains its focus on their developmental skills from infancy to adolescence.

Oftenly the parents think that their child is lazy to do his daily activities or he is not taking interest to play with the same age group, just because his age is not appropriate or he is too younger to understand the things….and so the parents wait for the right time.

Usually parents do not have this much awareness that their might be some sensory disintegration, planning and execution difficulties,which is the main obstacle in children’s developmental growth.

These children may not know how to express the difficulty and their parents also don’t know how to handle the child with their growing age.

Fortunately the professional and well experienced occupational therapist knows very well to deal with these children in a very playful manner.

What are the specific context an occupational therapist work with the child.

An occupational therapist generally works with the child’s basic occupations which are classified as:
Self care activities (toileting, bathing, grooming, eating, dressing)
Play (group play, parallel play, imaginary play, structured play, free play)
Academic activities: (sitting in school, preschool activities, handwriting etc.)
Learning activities : planning and execution

Child will become stronger congnitively and physically both.
Child will learn to play structured games and enhances his understanding concepts of rules and regulations.
Child will become well oriented with better in his day to day life skills.
Child will be able to do their daily life activities independently.
Child will become more focused in thier academics too.

Occupational therapists choose the activities carefully keeping in mind the therapeutic use with sensory stimulation and purposefully to make child’s participation in the occupation independently.