Occupational Therapy-
It is the use of particular activities which can help in evaluating the child’s environment and also play a major role in enhancing various skills like life skills along with laying a major role in helping solve the sensory problems of the child.

Why do Children with Autism and ADHD need Occupational therapy?
Children with Autism an ADHD mostly require occupational therapy because it will help them solve their Gross motor and fine motor problems.
It plays a major role in development of the skills that will help them function effectively at various places like home, school, etc.
This therapy can also be used to develop better management skills along with better organizational skills.
This therapy can be used to target the child’s sensory differences and can be used to solve such problems.

Benefits of OT-
It will help to improve the school performance of the child.
It will help the child realize a sense of achievement.
It will help in increasing the self-esteem of the child.
It will help the child learn positive behaviours and skills like anger management.