SOCH has developed a model of care for children that is need based, structured, supervised, coordinated by multiple disciplines as child development is a complex phenomenon.
The team has professionals from the fields of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Special Education and Psychology who are responsible for Assessments, Interventions, Trainings for parents & professionals, Early Intervention, School Integration Program that are delivered through one on one programs, group programs and/or teletherapy service delivery models as per child needs.

SOCH strives to be a centre of excellence, globally recognized for its expertise, professionalism and commitment in providing services to children by its multidisciplinary team.

At SOCH , our mission is to provide holistic care through updated and evidence based clinical and therapeutic interventions for all children recognizing their unique strengths and challenges.
We are committed to enabling the environment and nurture children to grow physically, socially and emotionally with the help of highly trained and certified professionals. We are committed to provide an environment where children are treated with dignity and ethically.